Monday, 11 February 2013

childhood story of krishna - ukhal story - baal leela

Radhe Radhe,

This story will also explain why shri krishna is also called "DAMODAR".
Mother Yashoda was annoyed with Krishna, because Krishna had spilled all the milk in the kitchen/place where milk was kept.
Mother Yashoda tried to tie Krishna's stomach(UDAR in Hindi) with rope(DAM in Hindi).
but rope fell short by length equal to 2 fingers.
Mother tried to combine many ropes and then tried to tie down Krishna.
Everytime rope fell short by length equal to 2 fingers.

This length(2 fingers) represent ego "AHAMKAR" of human being.
No one can tie Krishna with ego.
He can only be bound by pure love towards Him.
In the end, Mother Yashoda requested Krishna to get tied down.
So Krishna got tied down only by a short rope.

This is why Krishna is also called DAMODAR(DAM + UDAR) .

Message of the story-
1. Krishna can be bound by love only, not ego. If we will have ego left, there will always be a gap of 2 fingers between us and Him.
2. We need to have full love towards Him, means our love should not be divided, complete devotion should be towards Him.

We always divide our things like, this share is for Krishna, this share for family, this share for friend etc.
Everthing is for Krishna, we should extract the share for others(not extract share for Krishna), everything else is for Krishna only.
krishna with ukhal

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